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add services

Note: Android Studio projects contain a top-level build. Be sure to edit the file for your application module. Table 1 shows a list of the separate APIs that you can include when compiling your app, and how to describe them in your build. Note: Don't use the combined play-services target. It brings in dozens of libraries, bloating your application. Table 1. Individual APIs and corresponding build.

Note: ProGuard directives are included in the Play services client libraries to preserve the required classes. During project creation, Android Studio automatically creates the ProGuard configuration files and build. For more information, see the ProGuard guide. As described in the Google Play services overviewGoogle Play delivers service updates for users on Android 4. However, updates might not reach all users immediately, so your app should verify the version available mosfet spice model library attempting to perform API transactions.

Because each app uses Google Play services differently, it's up to you decide the appropriate place in your app to verify the Google Play services version. For example, if Google Play services is required for your app at all times, you might want to do it when your app first launches. On the other hand, if Google Play services is an optional part of your app, you can check the version only once the user navigates to that portion of your app.

Another approach is to use the isGooglePlayServicesAvailable method. You get a reference to the singleton object that provides this method using GoogleApiAvailability. You might call this method in the onResume method of the main activity. In this case, call the getErrorDialog method and pass it the result error code. The method returns a Dialog you should show, which provides an appropriate message about the error and provides an action that takes the user to Google Play Store to install the update.When you create a service, you can use a Visual Studio project template called Windows Service.

This template automatically does much of the work for you by referencing the appropriate classes and namespaces, setting up the inheritance from the base class for services, and overriding several of the methods you're likely to want to override.

Set the ServiceName property. Override and specify code for the OnStart and OnStop methods to customize the ways in which your service behaves. For instructions on writing a service without using the template, see How to: Write Services Programmatically. In the Properties window, set the ServiceName property for your service. The value of the ServiceName property must always match the name recorded in the installer classes.

If you change this property, you must update the ServiceName property of installer classes as well. Add the necessary installers for your service application.

add services

Build your project by selecting Build Solution from the Build menu. Install the service. For more information, see How to: Install and Uninstall Services. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Note For instructions on writing a service without using the template, see How to: Write Services Programmatically.

Note The value of the ServiceName property must always match the name recorded in the installer classes. Note Do not press F5 to run your project — you cannot run a service project in this way. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page.

This page. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. View on GitHub. True to indicate that the service will accept requests to stop running; false to prevent the service from being stopped. True to indicate that the service wants to receive notification when the computer on which it lives shuts down, enabling it to call the OnShutdown procedure.

True to indicate that the service will accept requests to pause or to resume running; false to prevent the service from being paused and resumed. True to indicate that the service can handle notification of changes to the computer's power status; false to prevent the service from being notified of these changes.One Year Agreement: If you add additional coverage or additional appliances or equipment within a contract year, the date of your Plan is extended to the date the new coverage was added.

HomeSmart account must be in the name of the property owner. Appliances and other equipment covered under the Plan must be in good operating condition at the time Plan coverage begins.

Central Air Conditioner. Replacement Assistance. For a complete list of replacement assistance payouts by appliance, please refer to the terms and conditions. You don't need a repair plan to enroll in this coverage. This product also includes toilet bowls, toilet tanks, toilet flushing mechanisms, angle stops, and risers. Plumbing System. Sewer Line Stoppages.

Add Services. Account Number. Service Address. Phone Number. Promo Code optional. Add coverage to your current repair coverage Which repair plan do you currently have? Essential Repair Plan. Premium Repair Plan. Stand-Alone Coverage no repair plan. Covered Appliances Heating and Cooling Furnace.

Water Heater - Standard. Heat Pump. Evaporative Cooler. Kitchen Dishwasher. Wall Oven. Comfort and Convenience Clothes Washer. Clothes Dryer. Gas Fireplace. Add Additional Coverage. Additional Appliances. Heating and Cooling Furnace. Add Preventive Maintenance.Make sure they're all saying the same thing, exactly the way you want it, reaching the right audience.

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The Services section on Facebook allows professional service businesses to create a Services tab to highlight their offerings. To find out if you have the capability to add a Services tab to your Facebook page, visit your page and look for a Services tab in the menu items below your cover photo. These Facebook pages are mostly local business pages, though there has been some success in making the Services tab appear on pages outside of the Local Business category.

So it does seem that you can add this option to some pages if you fit into the right category. Also, if you change your business to the Local Business categoryyou open yourself up to check-ins and reviewswhich is something to consider. This will take you to a basic version of your Services tab where you can add your services. Visitors will see the local business address, website, and phone number listed on your Facebook page on this tab, as well as each of your services.

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To add a service, click the blue Add a Service button. This will allow you to enter a name, price, description, and photo for your service. Hence, the first service you enter will be at the bottom of the list, and the last service you enter will be at the top of the list. These are things to consider when adding your services. When finished, each service entry will look like this.

You can edit or delete your service by clicking on the drop-down next to its name. What could you achieve if more people heard your message? Imagine building a name for yourself and becoming more well-known. It's times like this that present an opportunity for you to make a bigger impact on the world.

Let Mike guide you through his proven process to Becoming Well-Known. To continue adding servicesclick on the Add a Service button. As you add more entries, your Services tab will look like this. Note: Until you click on the Published indicator in the left sidebarthe Services tab will be visible only to you and to other page managers. Note: The text strips shortens on the service item previews on your timeline, so remember to put the most important information about each service item first.

Therefore, the only call to action from this view is the button on your cover photo and the information in the left sidebar, which should include your website and phone number. You could include your phone number and email address in the description of each of your services, but with the character description limit, it will take away from the service description itself. In many cases, service providers like to get their potential clients on the phone or at an in-person meeting to sell their services.

Unlike the Shop section for Facebook pages, there are not many specific terms related to how you can use your Services tab beyond those listed in the general Facebook Pages Terms. This could change in the future, but for now, you can experiment with different calls to action within your service listings themselves to see which ones result in more business from your Facebook page. If your business offers only one service, but you want to take advantage of the Services tab, you can utilize each service item to provide in-depth information about the details of your service.

For example, a cleaning service could use each service item to do the following. This will allow you to flesh out the details to make your service even more appealing. Even service providers with multiple services could look at it as a way to detail their services in a more appealing way.

The key is to try different things. See what combinations of service listings, details, and calls to action get the most response.

With the right copy and utilization of fields for each service item, you should be able to boost the number of leads you generate from your Facebook page for your business.Through Research optionsyou can customize options to suit your research needs such as including or excluding reference books or research sites. You can activate services for searching, add new services, and remove others from your computer. You can also turn on Parental Control, which helps to protect children from finding potentially offensive or disturbing material.

For Outlook the Review tab only appears in the message inspector, so you need to start a new message first. Near the bottom of the Research task pane, click Research Options. Do one or more of the following:. To activate or remove research services, check or uncheck the check boxes you want, and then click OK. To add research services, click Add Servicesselect or type the Internet address for the service you want in the Address box, and then click Add.

The service is automatically enabled for searching, and it will appear in the Search for list the next time you open the Research task pane. Learn more about the languages that Microsoft Translator supports.

To turn on Parental Control, click Parental Controlselect the options you want, and then click Close. Skip to main content. Expand your Office skills.


Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback!

It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support.In Windows Server you can manage multiple remote servers by using a single Server Manager console.

How To Add Services & Packages In SMM Panel - MobGyan

Note that you cannot manage a newer release of Windows Server with an older release of Server Manager. In our tests, Server Manager in Windows Server and later releases of Windows Server can be used to manage up to servers that are configured with a typical workload. The number of servers that you can manage by using a single Server Manager console can vary depending on the amount of data that you request from managed servers, and hardware and network resources available to the computer running Server Manager.

As the amount of data you want to display approaches that computer's resource capacity, you can experience slow responses from Server Manager, and delays in the completion of refreshes. To help increase the number of servers that you can manage by using Server Manager, we recommend limiting the event data that Server Manager gets from your managed servers, by using settings in the Configure Event Data dialog box.

Configure Event Data can be opened from the Tasks menu in the Events tile. If you need to manage an enterprise-level number of servers in your organization, we recommend evaluating products in the Microsoft System Center suite. Server Manager can receive only online or offline status from servers that are running Windows Server Although you can use Server Manager to perform management tasks on servers that are running Windows Server R2 or Windows Serveryou cannot add roles and features to servers that are running Windows Server R2Windows Server or Windows Server Server Manager cannot be used to manage a newer release of the Windows Server operating system.

Provide credentials with the Manage As command. As you add remote servers to Server Manager, some of the servers that you add might require different user account credentials to access or manage them. To specify credentials for a managed server that are different from those you use to log on to the computer on which you are running Server Manager, use the Manage As command after you add a server to Server Manager, which is accessible by right-clicking the entry for a managed server in the Servers tile of a role or group home page.

Clicking Manage As opens the Windows Security dialog box, in which you can provide a user name that has access rights on the managed server, in one of the following formats. The Windows Security dialog box that is opened by the Manage As command cannot accept smart card credentials; providing smart card credentials through Server Manager is not supported.

Credentials that you provide for a managed server by using the Manage As command are cached, and persist as long as you are managing the server by using the same computer on which you are currently running Server Manager, or as long as you do not overwrite them by specifying blank or different credentials for the same server. If you export your Server Manager settings to other computers, or configure your domain profile to be roaming to allow Server Manager settings to be used on other computers, Manage As credentials for servers in your server pool are not stored in the roaming profile.

Server Manager users must add them on each computer from which they want to manage. After you add servers to manage by following procedures in this topic, but before you use the Manage As command to specify alternate credentials that might be required to manage a server that you have added, the following manageability status errors can be displayed for the server:.

If you cannot manage the remote RDS or IPAM server by using the same credentials you are using on the computer on which you are running Server Manager, try adding the account you typically use to manage these remote servers to the Administrators group on the computer that is running Server Manager.

Then, log on to the computer that is running Server Manager with the account you use to manage the remote server that is running rdS or IPAM. You can add servers to Server Manager to manage by using any of three methods in the add Servers dialog box. Active Directory Domain Services add servers to manage that active directory finds in the same domain as the local computer.

Import Multiple Servers Specify multiple servers to import in a file that contains servers listed by computer name or IP address. If Server Manager is already open, go on to the next step. If Server Manager is not already open, open it by doing one of the following.

On the active directory tab, select servers that are in the current domain.

add services

Press Ctrl while selecting to select multiple servers. Click the right-arrow button to move selected servers to the selected list. On the import tab, browse for a text file that contains the DNS names or IP addresses of computers that you want to add, one name or IP address per line. Although adding servers that are in workgroups to Server Manager might be successful, after they are added, the Manageability column of the Servers tile on a role or group page that includes a workgroup server can display Credentials not valid errors that occur while trying to connect to or collect data from the remote, workgroup server.

The computer that is running Server Manager is in a workgroup, and remote, managed servers are on a different subnet. Both computers are in domains, but there is only a one-way trust relationship between the two domains.

On the computer that is running Server Manager, add the workgroup server name to the TrustedHosts list.

This is a requirement of NTLM authentication.

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