Modest diancie

It is said that time began moving when Dialga was born. It has the power to control time. It appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity. It is said that time flows when Dialga's heart beats. While its weaknesses are arguably more detrimental, its impressive set of resistances is complemented by fantastic bulk which makes it a very reliable answer to the majority of legendaries, and it stood as one of few legendaries that could attempt to keep the illustrious Mega Rayquaza in check.

Dialga is also not lacking in the offense department, with an impressive Special Attack stat and further impressive movepool allowing it run a variety of sets. However, time has not been kind to its own deity, as the rise of more powerful and faster legendaries has slowly stripped it of its rank as one of the biggest threats.

The biggest offender is naturally Primal Groudon, as tends to be the case, which is made further problematic by the fact that both reside in the cursed Base 90 Speed tier that many legendaries reside in. Furthermore, unlike most Steel-types, it has very little chance against a boosted Xerneas, so Dialga has trouble against two of the strongest legendaries already.

Its incredible bulk is also shortchanged by the lack reliable recovery, so while it may be a sturdy tank, it isn't a deity without weaknesses.

modest diancie

Don't let that be a reason to take it lightly though, it may not be the same top threat it was in Gen 4 but it still stands as one of the more versatile threats out there.

This also allows Dialga to take full advantage of its great special movepool. Negatives - Steel typing generally means a weakness to Primal Groudon, and Dialga is no exception. A weakness to Primal Groudon is incredibly detrimental and while it doesn't like switching into Dialga itself, it really hurts Dialga's effectiveness.

Pressure may be a boring and uninteresting ability for a legendary, though draining PP faster is useful given that most legendary signature moves have low PP. It's also the only viable ability for Dialga in Singles so there's no reason not to use it there. The only downside is that obtaining this is not easy due to the Pentagon Rule. Dialga's typing lends well to taking hits thanks to its numerous resistances, so a bulkier set works well.

Dialga is also bulky enough to function as an effective Stealth Rock setter, and more than capable of getting multiple opportunities to set it. However, the damage against a boosted Xerneas isn't impressive. Fire Blast is an alternative that hit Steel-types such as Skarmory, Bronzong, Jirachi, and Ferrothorn, which complements the Dragon-type coverage. Thunder Wave allows Dialga to prevent dangerous sweepers such as Mega Salamence and Xerneas from running through the rest of its team and can punish a Latios or Latias attempting to Defog after Dialga has used Draco Meteor.

Toxic allows it to put Primal Groudon on a timer, which is especially useful since Primal Groudon also lacks reliable recovery and doesn't have Leftovers to help it.

Roar prevents Mega Gengar from trapping Dialga and can also deal with setup sweepers. Maximum HP and Special Defense investment with a Calm nature makes Dialga as specially bulky as possible, which takes advantage of the fact that most of its useful resistances are primarily special attack types.

This also allows it to take a Moonblast from boosted Xerneas and stop it with Thunder Wave or Roar, though Dialga cannot survive a boosted Focus Blast. A little bit of Speed investment can be used to creep above other defensive threats since there are several threats in this Speed range; 12 Speed EVs is a popular benchmark that doesn't sacrifice much bulky while allowing Dialga to outspeed Mega Diancie before it Mega Evolves, though this is less necessary if you drop Flash Cannon.

Pressure is useful for draining PP faster since this Dialga is bulky enough to take several hits, and actually has an effect in Singles unlike Telepathy. Dialga isn't really meant to wall teams so the lack of Leftovers recovery doesn't hurt too much.

However, Leftovers gives Dialga some added longevity since it lacks any other form of reliable recovery. If switching into strong special attackers is less necessary, Dialga can take on a more offensive approach. Dialga doesn't need a fourth offensive move so it can still function as a Stealth Rock setter due to its acceptable natural bulk. Earth Power can be used to hit Primal Groudon without worrying about Special Attack drops, though it has almost no use beyond this since Rock-types are better handled by Flash Cannon.

Thunder gives Dialga a way to hit Ho-Oh since it can switch in safely otherwise due to its huge Special Defense, and also hits Primal Kyogre. Maximum Special Attack investment with a Modest nature allows Dialga to hit as hard as possible, and the Speed boost from Timid doesn't help much comparatively. Full Speed investment is less useful for the same reason Timid isn't ideal, so it's better to take advantage of its bulk and typing. Shuca Berry allows Dialga to take a hit from Primal Groudon and Earthquake Mega Salamence, making it more difficult to take down in one hit since Fighting-type moves are considerably less common in formats with legendaries.

Life Orb can give Dialga some extra power, though this sacrifices Dialga's longevity further and clashes a bit with the high HP investment. This also allows to Dialga to function as a sleep absorber with Sleep Talk.Diancie's great offensive stats, typing, and movepool make it a feared Choice Specs user in NU. Earth Power and Hidden Power Fire can both be used as options to hit Diancie's checks such as Steelix and Ferroseed, respectively, on the switch.

Diancie's amazing defenses and great defensive typing let it easily switch into Pokemon such as Houndoom and spam its moves to punch holes in opposing teams.

Diancie should be careful when locking itself into moves such as Hidden Power Fire when setup sweepers such as Swords Dance Rhydon are on the opposing team, as a Choice-locked Diancie can easily be used as setup bait.

Steel-types such as Klinklang and the aforementioned Steelix can take out Diancie with ease if it is Choice-locked into a move they don't have trouble with, so teammates such as Slowbro and Medicham are useful to have. Magmortar and Rotom are also good teammates, as they can deal with Grass- and Ground-types that trouble Diancie, such as Sceptile and Rhydon.

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modest diancie

Not Now. Related Pages. Dragon Ball Z. Led Zeppelin. One Direction. Lindsey Stirling. Monster Hunter. Pages liked by this Page. Aaron "Cybertron" Zheng. Recent post by Page. Smogon University. The NU Viability Rankings are now live, the perfect help in all sort LC is suspect testing Rufflet! The suspect runs until April 19th, so The vessel that is still able to hold up on its own: Kyurem has quic Smogon University added a new photo to the album Featured Sets.Needless to say, we were just on the cusp of literally being too cool for school, but they let us in anyway.

One thing Game Freak is always criticised for is the lack of innovation in the series. Primarily, the plot. The whole preteen-rookie-singlehandedly-whups-the-entire-criminal-syndicate-in-a-way-that-the-studliest- GTA -protagonist-only-wishes-they-could routine is pretty well played out at this point. Despite all of that, in a mechanics sense, the series has been endlessly refined since the early days. Mega forms have been a mixed bag, whichever way you slice it.

They created some real monsters, and some real sucktastic failures. Buckle up for the 10 best and 10 worst megas. Where was that one guy in the corner who speaks sense? Or Butterfree? Or anything that actually needs the extra power and recognition?

Rayquaza was already an incredibly powerful force, banned from standard play, but then it was really dialed up to eleven.

Why not slap on a Life Orb, for even greater levels of overkill? After all, in terms of its design, Houndoom is one of my favorite Mega Evolutions. The whole heckhound thing that its standard form has going on is dialed up to eleven, and I can dig that. There are other factors at play here too, though.

With good play, this thing can pretty well guarantee a knockout, and in tandem with its straight-up power, this was enough to see it banned from standard play. While it gains a modest boost in both defenses, it loses out on 10 base points of speed, and this alone kills most of its viability.

Talk about having your plums thrown straight into the fire. Lucario has always been a tricky opponent, adept at best physical and special attacks, and its Mega form takes this concept and runs with it. I have no beef with Audino. That sort of White Mage-y vibe that the Mega has going on? That gets seven thumbs up from me. When you dig a little deeper, though, you start to see how difficult it is to find a place for this thing.

Usually, you want said Mega to be a real threat, and Audino is as passive as a sleeping grandma. Ah, yes. You see this, Garchomp? This is how a real Dragon Mega Evolves. Read it and weep, sharky boy. It, too, immediately established itself as ballistic missile fuelled by furious vengeance, and has always been a threat to prepare for.

When it was gifted with a Mega form in X and Ythe crapola really hit the fan. This thing is a monster, unfortunate hilariously-shaped wings or no unfortunate hilariously-shaped wings. A mighty physical attacker, also comfortable hitting from the special side, its ability Aerilate gives it a STAB Double-Edge that hits with the force of a sumo wrestler falling from the top of the Empire State onto an ant. It was pretty well inevitable that this damn thing was going to rear its head at some point.

We might as well embrace it, make our peace with it, and take a look. Not again! The worrying part is its ability, Parental Bond, giving it a second blow on each of its attacks. Abomasnow is as slow as a comatose one-legged kitten, and is weak to just about every damn thing.Users Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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modest diancie

Do not start a new game or all of this exclusive content will be deleted. All Berries, Clothes and Special Wallpapers. All O-Power Orbs. Pokemon are at various levels and all of them are non-shiny except a shiny Aegislash and have a blue pentagon Meaning they were caught in the kalos region and they are legal for competitive tournaments on X and Y. The following are included on top of all Pokemon There is a total of Pokemon included :.

Tyrantrum with a spreadable Pokerus. Pokerus doubles the effort value points awarded to Pokemon in battle Even after they cured. The Pokerus can be spread to other adjacent Pokemon in your party by entering battles. Be sure to put the Pokemon with Pokerus back into the PC before midnight or it may be cured. I have have had many customer requests and I have listened. All pokemon will have their natural abilities Besides Tornadus and Thundarus and randomized natures.

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