Most expensive reggae records

Big time music lovers get the best of the entire music universe when listening on vinyl; vinyl records give the most true music sound, the nostalgic old-school flavor of the spinning black disc and wonderful accompanying cover art. Vinyl collectors know this is the only way to drink in their tunes, but whether you are new to vinyl and just got your very first turnable maybe you are still looking for a recommendation or an avid collector you may still be looking for that must-own list or treasure hunting the forgotten favorites.

Current collectors can skip right to the list below for some insight on the best and most sought after records out there. For the vinyl record newbie, consider what your collecting goals are before you start buying. Perhaps you want to hone in on one genre, maybe you want to impress your guests by showcasing eclectic taste and variety, or maybe you just want some sweet cover art for your walls and shelves. Any way you want to break into this hobby will work with a little bit of research and a plan.

Most Expensive Record

The list below is great for collectors and starters alike, so use it to supplement a collection or a jumping off point, but know this, if you are to be a legit vinyl collector, folks are going to expect these records to be in your collection. The world renowned Bob Dylan may be the greatest lyricist of all-time and so owning one of his albums is a must. Blonde on Blonde was released in and is adorned with the famous portrait of a pensive Bob Dylan in a scarf and coat. The album is a sure crowd pleaser you can break out at your next cocktail party as it is packed with collaborations from artists like Pharrell Williams and Giorgio Moroder famous for his work on the soundtrack of Scarface.

The cover art is neat, too; the likeness of a two-faced robot on a simple black backdrop with Random Access Memories scrawled atop. Up to the recording of the album the band went through a lot emotionally with inter-band relationships, the divorce of Christie and John McVie, etc. Amazingly, despite heavy-stress, Rumors emerged to universal popularity due to its lyrical depth, dreamy sounds and all too human emotion that we all share.

Possibly the most universally well-known album in the history of music, jam-packed with hit songs that make the worst dancer cut a rug, every vinyl collector will have a copy of Thriller in their library.

When it comes to purchasing this album it really comes down to which cover you want. This album is iconic as it includes collaborations with legends like John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley. The cover art is simple and stylish, a portrait of Miles himself belting out on the trumpet yet with his signature calm, cool demeanor. Simon let it all out with Graceland exploring a capella, zydeco and mbaqanga with his already known pop and rock craft.

Perhaps the most iconic and well-known cover art of a prism refracting light is a perfect symbol of this bands unique style that took rock to an unearthly new realm. Get ready for Radiohead, the much-loved, esoteric rockers are hard to classify, but seriously good.

Besides owning some cool album phone in optimal condition means, Kid-A shows some serious flare and individuality by exploring Krautrock, Jazz and New Age Classical while still being influenced in Hip-Hop. Along with multiple sources ranking Kid-A the greatest album of the s, Rolling Stone ranked it as the 67 th best album of all-time.

Loaded with hits there is no doubt that you and your listeners will rock out to Born in the U. One of the beauties of Born in the U. The eponymous debut album is such a powerhouse that it carved a path for future metal rockers to come forward and built a lasting foundation for Iron Maiden to crush the metal scene for years. The super creepy, yet eye-catching cover art is popular with even non-metal fans. Knowledge of this album will gain you personal style points as the Glam Rock genre is limited and often forgotten.

The reason that this ranks with the best vinyl albums to own is that it is a cult status hit with major rock flare. The cover art is iconic and, though not many know it, was the result of a mistake by photographer Mick Rock who over-exposed the photo but ended up liking it more for its wild imagery.

most expensive reggae records

Make sure to study Transformer in full before you share it with a group so you can out smart with knowledge of the great underground success. Run D. If you are a rap fan, bow down to Run D. The big time album is another cult hit that is a must own for hip-hop fans, but has an interesting following in the alternative community. The cover art is special; the tail-end of a Boeingtagged with the Beastie Boys logo, is a nifty metaphor for the flight this group was about to take.

Dre and Easy-E orchestrated this album which is the pioneering album of Gangsta Rap, and perhaps the main album to bulldoze a path for future rappers. Snoop Dogg. While N. Dre superimposed onto the Zig-Zag rolling papers logo is all too appropriate for The Chronic. Stardust is a rock star, alien messenger, and the alter-ego that Bowie lived out.

There is no real way to explain this album, you just have to experience it by spinning it on vinyl.The music is becoming more infectious day by day. Its unstoppable rhythm is gaining respect in many other parts of the world and it is pulsating its way into the hearts of fans, wherever they might be.

Along with its growing popularity and enthusiastic momentum, comes the increasing craving for vinyl records. Reggae, Ska, or Dancehall music lovers tend to love and appreciate their vinyl discs any day over CD. As more and more loyal Reggae fans prefer the nostalgia associated with buying these rare records. Vinyl is final β€” this is the buzzword out on the streets, especially in the Reggae, Ska and Dancehall world. The contagious craze to seek out and own vinyl is like that of an old miner searching for his very own goldmine.

These Reggae vinyl records of pure hot wax, full of pulsating rhythms are quickly superseding its rival counterpart: the CD. Many other music buffs and collectors of Reggae vinyl will emphatically claim, that they too prefer to collect and own the popular wax for a multitude of reasons.

As they feel at one with the discs, or dub plates that they handle, giving them the flexibility to create, improvise and remix songs. They can do scratch effects, special effects and control the play sequence more vibrantly with vinyl. Spinning a vinyl record on a turntable with an excellent needle hitting that record groove will yield a more mellow sound. Plus they boast that the rough rhythms also seem to be fatter and stronger. Many die hard vinyl collectors find they can own more vinyl records for the cost of a CD.

Although many older yet popular Reggae vinyl records are sometimes not very easy to find, many can be obtained at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets for low prices. Many owners of the famed vinyl have more fun with their collection. They have a special bond with the discs and also view it not only as collectible items but also as an investment. As the rare vinyl tends to appreciate in value and can pay big dividends for the serious collector, who is wishing to sell or trade.

If properly cared for and stored, the life of the vinyl can far exceed the CD, or the cassette tapes, which can corrode, stretch and even burst. Collectors are also fascinated with album cover designs, and rate the intrinsic artistic value of the album and its design. Many album covers are used to decorate the home, studio or office.

The company sells vinyl records mainly via the Internet to Reggae music lovers and enthusiasts worldwide. At Big Bout Ya Music, vinyl is indeed king. Their web site can be accessed at www. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. View all posts. You may also like.Written by Phillip Williams Published on Polish the dust off those grooves and you might find gold So have you and your parents clung on to your vinyl collection?

most expensive reggae records

We hope so. And the price paid for records by obscure acid-folk and psychedelia acts β€” records by the likes of Tinkerbell FairydustOpen Mind and Trees β€” is, quite frankly, cosmic. Prog, krautrock, reggae and indie-rock: it's all on the up. Just to underline how valuable these dusty old records can be, here's a brief list of some of the most expensive vinyl singles. Madonna β€” Erotica. This picture disc of Madonna sucking on some toes was withdrawn at lightning speed just as it was about to be released in Her label decided the sucking was much too rude for mass consumption β€” and no one wanted to upset Sarah Ferguson the then Duchess Of York of the UKwho was in the UK papers at the time… sucking someone's toes.

John's Children β€” Midsummer Night's Scene. And before them, he was in art-pop provocateurs John's Children, one of the late's most chaotic bands. They were chucked off tours, had records banned by the BBC and released an album, called Orgasm, that upset lots of people.

They also recorded this and it was never released. Putting a precise value on anything is almost impossible. An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But given the original first pressing of Bruce Springsteen 's second single has never ever been sold on Discogs and it's only owned, says the website, by two people, it's definitely worth a lot.

Most people throw away party invites, right? It might be a good idea to keep them in future. A limited-edition version of Queen 's huge single was used as an invite to a record label event, and came with matches, a pen, a ticket, a menu and more. You need the whole kit and caboodle.I must have it!! The word rare is also greatly misapplied in selling records. Records that are not at all rare are often described as such to boost auction prices.

To bring some facts to bear on the subject, I have compiled some data from auction results, to identify the most expensive jazz records at auction, and how often they appear at auction, which are shown in the charts below. Many of these will be located in Japan, the biggest market in collectable jazz today. Authenticity is paramount β€” all the details of first-pressing status must be present.

Cover condition is highly important. As a listener, it is only the vinyl condition that matters to me, but for elite collectors it is the total artefact, especially the cover which must be perfect: no seam-splits, dinged corners, ringwear, or peeling laminate, and most important, no writing on the cover or labels β€” meaning no previous owners names, which includes unverifiable autographs.

Be warned, these most desirable titles have been repressed and reissued over many years. It is very common for children or partners to inherit a loved-ones collection, search the Internet and become very excited that grandpa had a copy of say, Hank Mobley Blue Notewhich turns out on closer inspection to be a Japanese reissue from the s.

High-end records have always been rare and expensive and the province of high-end collectors. They rarely found their way into the collections of those with more modest means. Bear in mind that auction prices are the result of auctions, where collectors compete to buy a record, which is not necessarily the same as dealer or shop prices. There are many cases where, in a moment of madness, one bidder has got caught out with an inflated bid, and found themselves paying twice the next highest historical price, plus postage tracking insurance and customs charges.

Some records come up for auction much more frequently than their alleged scarcity would suggest, Mobley a case in point, which is a frequently traded item. High-end collectable records can be a good investment, though some artists have drifted out of fashion and proved a poor investment. His long-suffering wife serves up baked beans on toast.

On alert, Del-boy demands:. Where did you get these? It is much smaller than the high-end rock pop classical reggae singles collector tribes. Outside of the jazz world, the truly rare and expensive records are associated with rock and pop history.

Another is the last autograph John Lennon gave on a record cover before being shot dead by Mark Chapman. But my favourite curio I read of was a record from the estate of Jimi Hendrix which Jimi had been playing when he cut his hand on a broken glass, leaving Hendrix blood in the grooves, verified by the DNA match.

At least you can play a record. Email me some photos of the covers of a selection, spread out on the floor, around ten in a picture. LJC replies β€” Maggy.Each riddim is absolute classic Perry and has been bitten by lots of other reggae artists. Tappa Zukie released several albums of punk-influenced roots reggae before concentrating on production work.

Full of incredible surprises. The new digital sound and expanded layers of sound are just incredible.

most expensive reggae records

Mad Prof and Perry did several albums together but this one stands out. Spaced out, digital dub masterpieces featuring Perry on fine, rambling form. Heads of Government from Black Ark Experryments:.

One of the first ever dub recordings. Jah Rock from Aquarius Dub:. Solid Foundation from Upsetter in Dub:. A must. Regarded by many as one of the greatest dub albums of all time thanks to the stature of the individual talents involved and the subtle mood shifts and complex playing. Two true dub legends Augustus Pablo and King Tubby combine on this mythical record.

This concise take on dub from the master is super-stripped down but simply features some of the best work he ever did. Satia from Pick a Dub:. This is the only collaboration between Lee Perry and The Congos, but what an incredible album. A deep and fulfilling journey.

Open up the Gate from Heart of the Congos:. Unique and worth checking. Hold the Fort from Voice of Thunder:. Phase Selector Sound are two former punks who create a unique dub sound that spans the classic and the modern. A tour de force. It features five dubs from Mad Professor and five from Jah Shaka. Dub Bible from Dub in the Roots Tradition:. Forces of Victory was the record that confirmed LKJ as a major talent.

Sparse and deep with ghosts of voices and electronic bleeps it has a modern, meditative vibe. A fine introduction to glitch-dub. Both produced by Bunny Lee, and both feature great mixing work by the King.

Roots of Dub from The Roots of Dub:. The mythical Lee Perry Holy Grail.See estimate at Cart. Pass :. Auto Login. Music Genre. Japanese Reggae. Brand New. Dancehall 's. Dancehall 90's. Dancehall Dancehall Early 80's. Roots Reggae.

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We use the industries best silicone material. Teeth: Detailed milling and resin. There are certainly some fans who are interested in owning a life size Bob Marley silicone figure. However, the price is not reasonable for a fan item. Additional the statue's Bob Marley face definitely needs some improvement.

Item description: This is the concert poster of all time. Holy grail of concert posters. I got it from a friend 25 years ago in Kingston. I have searched far and wide and have not found another for sale. This is indeed a super rare collectors item. It's easily the only one still existing. There hasn't been another copy on Ebay for the past 20 years. But not only the poster is super rare.

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