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Who does not want to have a Cool looking outfits, weapon skins or maybe awesome looking vehicle skins especially Legendary or Mythic items to show off in front of your friends, write! But the problem here is not everyone can afford to buy Unknown Cash UC to open crates, which cost 30,60 and UC and even if you have UC chances are you will end up getting Silver Fragments.

Like seriously, we pay up to UC for Silver Fragments! No matter whether pe pipe roughness in vietnam of UCs or not who will say No to free Scrap coupons or Crate coupons or other free stuff.

Step 2: Next continuously tap on the Postbox on the Bottom Right corner. If you prefer watching Video for above Trick, Go ahead! Step 2: Next continuously tap on the 3 birds on the Bottom Right corner and you will receive 1 Premium Crate Coupon for free. The offer is valid till 41 days and you can select any one item and make sure you log in every day or else your tactical point will be deducted by 3 points and after points you will be able to get free items.

Before I begin let me tell you guys event period is valid from Week 5 to Week 8 i. You can get any Random Rewards inside Crate. What did you Guys get in Crate? Before I begin let me tell you guys event period is valid from Week 1 to Week 4 i.

If you prefer watching Video, Go ahead! Step 1: Go to the lobby and Tap on Warrior Draw. Step 2: Tap on the Left Top Corner i. Street Light. Step 3: A box will appear and tap to open the box. Now you will be able to see new rewards in events.

If you Guys face any issue please feel free to comment down below and let me know if this trick helped you or not? Comment down below and let me know if the above Tricks worked for you or not?To remind ourselves once again, PUBG Mobile is gaining popularity every season and the addiction is simply uncontrollable.

We must warn our readers that using VPN may not be totally safe for your account. Some people reported of Client Abnormalities Warnings. It enables you to access servers which are not otherwise available to you.

In such a case, using a VPN will help you unblock the servers which are restricted to your region. You can then play the game as if you are actually located in China. Indeed, VPNs can help you experience a better gaming environment and features. It helps you to get better speed called ping rate in the game play. It also provides extra security from any possible attacks to the servers thereby affecting your game and gameplay.

We will not be mentioning them separately because they use the same servers or the same type of servers anyway. So here we go: 1. It has an excellent customer support and provides one of the fastest servers for your PUBG Mobile game.

The settings are automatic so there is no tweaking necessary to use ExpressVPN. But you can try it out for 3 days free! What are you waiting for? People claim that they are able to unlock many cool skins and items. Their basic features includes faster server means better ping ratehigher security and accessibility of global servers which are otherwise restricted to your location or region.

Post navigation Prev Post. Next Post. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar.It is the only game which gets more popular in the meantime. Because of its graphics and new gaming concept, but apart from that, it includes a neat feature of VPN rewards in which players get guns, weapons and many more on the achievement of their target.

So, if you guys are here then, you may want to know something about PUBG. It is one of the best VPN for PUBG mobile which allows their users to get 10 GB of data free which is much more sufficient to play over a month with even some amount of data still left.

Windscibe has an in-built ad and Malware blocking system. It is easy to use and free. Proton VPN allows their users to unlimited data and Bandwidth for their free version. However, it is slightly slower and also has a limit in the US, Japan and the Netherlands in the free version. It also allows their users that if you register on a proton VPN, it will enable you to use the premium version for 7 days for free.

Speedily is easy to use and available on android. It has a unique feature that uses the channel bonding technology, which will boost up your internet connection by using both Wi-Fi and Mobile network connection.

It is available in 50 countries at no cost. This allows their users to receive 30 days of Money Back Guarantee in the paid version only. Hide me also allows you their users to get 2 Gb of data per month.

It is effortless to use VPN service with the high-speed connection of data, and This application also has a user-friendly interface. If you want to get unlimited data and access to different servers, you need to upgrade which incurred some cost.

It is also a trending VPN service. Its connection speed is consistent, but still, it is quite slow. Apart from that, it is acutely user-friendly VPN service. In the paid version of hotspot shield, you can access to more than 70 countries with unlimited data and High-speed connection. It allows their users to get 7 days of free trial and 45 days money-back guarantee, which reduces the risk of buyers. So, after getting the VPN service and installing it on your device.

Now it is the time to proceed furthermore.


Note — complete all the events in the limited time which leads you to get rewards. If you ignore that time limit, you will be lost those rewards. Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comment section down below.

5 Best VPN For PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

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pubg mobile vpn

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. How To. Akhileshwar Sharma5 days ago 0 4 min read. Contents hide. Download QR-Code. Windscribe VPN.Loo - Apr 09, Mobile Games views. PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent, which is famous for giving players many promotions and events occasionally for different many regions in the world during holidays. That means you can get tons of free rewards if you can access the PUBG Mobile events of other regions in the world.

Here in this article, Gurugamer. Windscribe offers users 10 GB every month. With this much amount of data, you can freely play PUBG Mobile for the whole month and still have some data left for other applications.

There are 10 countries for you to choose from. Winscribe does have a paid version with a faster connection, servers from 50 countries, and unlimited data.

PUBG Mobile: VPN Tricks, Free Crate Coupons & Permanent Items

Proton provides an unlimited amount of data and bandwidth for the free version. However, it is not quite fast and only limited to servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands in the free version.

So you can use this fact to just keep creating new Proton VPN accounts and get 7 days premium for free. The premium version will give you a total of 36 countries to choose from with fast connection speed. Hotspot Shield is one of the most famous VPN out there for a reason. It offers users MB per day for free. The connection speed is stable but quite slow. You will only have 2 server options and have to watch ads with the free version. With the paid version, you can access to more than 70 countries with unlimited data and high-speed connection.

Speedify is very easy to install and use VPN app on Android. You will have a total of 10 GB of free data per month using the free version. One unique thing about Speedify is that it uses channel bonding technology, which can increase your internet connection speed by using both wifi and mobile connection.Panda Medya. Flag as inappropriate. Signature: bc5c85abf40bb1afd02bae. APKs: config. Facebook Twitter YouTube. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience.

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PUBG Mobile VPN Rewards - How To Get Them

Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK Through this application you can play the game safely and safely with low "ping". All you have to do is download the application and give the required permissions to activate the game after playing pubg mobile. VPNs can be utilized to get to district confined sites, shield your perusing action from prying eyes on open Wi-Fi, and then some. Nowadays VPNs are extremely well known, however not for the reasons they were initially made.

They initially were only an approach to interface business organizes together safely over the web or permit you to get to a business arrange from home. VPNs basically forward the entirety of your system traffic to the system, which is the place the advantages — like getting to neighborhood arrange assets remotely and bypassing Internet oversight — all originate from. In straightforward terms, a VPN associates your PC, cell phone, or tablet to another PC called a server some place on the web, and permits you to peruse the web utilizing that PC's web association.

So if that server is in an alternate nation, it will show up as though you are originating from that nation, and you can conceivably get to things that you couldn't ordinarily. So how does this assistance you?

Great inquiry! You can utilize a VPN to: Sidestep geographic limitations on sites or spilling sound and video. Watch spilling media like Pubg Mobile. Shield yourself from snooping on dishonest Wi-Fi hotspots.

pubg mobile vpn

Addition probably some namelessness online by concealing your actual area. Shield yourself from being logged while torrenting. Numerous individuals nowadays are utilizing a VPN for Pubg Mobile torrenting or bypassing geographic limitations to watch content in an alternate nation. They are still helpful for ensuring yourself while working at a coffeehouse, however that is not really the main use any longer. Update on: Requires Android: Android 4. VidMate 4. VideoBuddy - Youtube Downloader 1.

VLC 3. Google Play Services for AR 1. Video Downloader 1. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor 1. International Enterprises.Gone are the days when you used to spend loads of Unknown Cash UC to purchase Crate Coupons to open crates at random and get those crappy school shoes every time. Yes, you can get all those exclusive things for completely no cost whatsoever.

No one wants these ultra common and ugly looking outfits. And, we all know getting a premium or classic crate coupon is not easy.

If you are not spending any money then you have to collect coupon scraps, combine them all to make a crate coupon. Thus, it feels pretty bad when useless and random stuff like these comes out of premium crates.

That moment is something no one wants to ever have in the game. But now I do not remember when was the last time I saw those loathsome school shoes and other crappy outfits coming out of my PUBG Mobile premium and classic crates. Also, using such VPN Tricks is not considered hacking and is completely safe to use. Also, many times there are new offers, free stuffs and other rewarding region specific events.

Thus, in order to gain such offers and collect free rewards, one needs to connect to that particular region in which the event is currently taking place. Other than that, connecting to a region with limited number of players and opening your Classic or Premium Crates in the same region also increases the chance of getting a much better item. You can even get an item with 0.

Enough talking! Step 4: Do the required mission daily while being connected to Turkey to collect all the Free Rewards! Step 4: Login daily and collect all the rewards for Free! We strongly recommend you not to use VPN applications downloaded from any unknown sources. You can try using Speedify in case your VPN does not work. Step 5: Simply login daily to get a random puzzle piece and then redeem rewards for the same.

Further you can login daily while being connected to Germany and collect all the available rewards. Look at the screenshot provided below for reference. Here Summer Credit is the most important as you will be redeeming the permanent outfits and skins with these credits. Now in order to get a free Classic Crate Coupon follow the steps given below.

And, copy-paste the code shown below in the Redeem Box.

pubg mobile vpn

Step 5: Correctly fill the Verification Code and click on the Redeem button. Step 6: You will need to do all the given tasks daily in order to get the points and to redeem the rewards.

Step 4: Open both the mails simultaneously and collect all total eight rewards listed above. Step 4: Collect your free reward of the day.

Do the same daily for 7 days to collect all the rewards. Buy and Enjoy! Tip : This Page is Updated Regularly. You can even Turn the Notification On to get a notification whenever we will post about any new trick.

I have also participated in the PMIS in which we stood semifinalists. I got Kar skin after trying this trick few months ago. We are constantly monitoring all the VPN Locations and post the ones with the best rewards.

Though, sometimes it takes longer for the older events to end and the newer events to start. Your email address will not be published.Pubg is a super addictive online multiplayer battle royal.

PUBG is a global online gaming sensation. Sadly, as awesome as the game is, it has recently been plagued with geo-restrictions. Speaking of geo-restrictions, the newly launched PUBG lite is only available in a few selected regions.

It offers just as many servers as ExpressVPN. Speeds are also particularly fast on PureVPN. Since their servers support 1Gbit connection speeds, you should experience relatively low ping. Another feature that really helps deliver a smooth gaming experience is PUBG port forwarding. Their pricing plans make it the best VPN for cheap as well. For more details about this provider, make sure you read the full expert review of PureVPN.

It does not offer too many servers, however, since their servers are brand spanking new, they offer one of the best online gaming experience. Privacy-wise, Surfshark offers the same level of encryption.

Surfshark is also cross-platform compatible just like Nord. Surfshark with For more details about this provider, make sure you read the full expert review of Surfshark.

Backed by almost 7-years of experience in the privacy niche, NordVPN offers powerful geo-lock bypassing and unhindered gaming experience unlike any other. Having so many servers at your disposal is perfect for PUBG. Since PUBG restricts you to your local region, having so many servers can give you the freedom to play in any region you like. You can physically be in China and still be able to play in the U.

pubg mobile vpn

S region. Their subscription plans are also fairly cheap. For more details about this provider, make sure you read the full expert review of NordVPN. ExpressVPN has always had the reputation of being fast. Now, it is a bit on the pricier side, however, it is totally worth it. Ping is also considerably lower on almost every server location they offer.

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