Ux430uq fan noise

Asus had launched its high-end ZenBook 3 earlier this year, so the ZenBook UX series is targetted at more mainstream usage. It keeps up with the philosophy of the light and compact notebooks and it brings with it a Nano edge display which offers higher screen-to-body ratio.

So let us see how the ZenBook UX holds up amidst competition. Asus has been paying a lot of attention to design. While the UX is not in the same league as the ZenBook 3, which was reviewed earlier this year, it is still quite pleasant to look at. The shiny blue front finish on the lid will immediately attract attention.

But the glossy finish also tends to be a smudge magnet and it was quite evident within a couple of days of usage that it has a tendency to hold on to greasy fingerprints. You will need to keep kgtel k1000 hard reset cloth handy. The Asus logo is placed in the centre and the concentric circles around it are reminiscent of yesteryear ZenFone designs.

Opening the lid, you get a six-row keyboard and plastic palm rest. The hinge mechanism is sturdy, although a slight bit of wobble is noticeable on the display. The display can open up to about degrees. A chrome Asus logo is present on the bottom bezel which is the thickest of all four. The speaker section is placed on the underside of the laptop, and there two thick rubber feet at the top and two thinner ones at the bottom which put a slight air gap between the base of the laptop and the surface it is resting on.

Asus also bundles in an impressive looking carrying sleeve for the UX which has a leather finish on its top flap. Asus UX comes with a chiclet keyboard without a number pad.

ux430uq fan noise

There are six rows of backlit keys, which have a good amount of travel. It lends itself beautifully to long typing sessions. In fact, this review was written on the Asus UX itself.

The keyboard and trackpad are housed inside a plastic material palm rest. The trackpad is also quite responsive, although sometimes it can get a bit too responsive. It is a single pad with a slab of glass atop it. There is a square-shaped fingerprint scanner on the top right-hand side of the trackpad, which helps with biometric authentication using Windows Hello.

It was responsive on most occassions. You get a GB m. This is clearly the highlight of the UX, which we will discuss further in the display section. On the battery front, you get a 50 Wh battery onboard. Coming to the edges, you have a USB 2. I feel this is easily the highlight of the device. You get a inch FullHD display inside a form factor that would have been meant for a Text appears crisp and colours are fine as well, although if you are coming from a glossy display, you may find it a bit muted.

Brightness levels could have been higher, but it does not take away anything from the laptop. In the Lagom. The black level test is not the best, but better than other laptops we have tested in this range. White level test was one of the best, with every block clearly visible. There was no banding observed in the gradient test.Log in or Sign up. Still getting headaches?

While in the laptop keys putting the display at full brightness. Make sure you have adaptive brightness off, otherwise you won't be able to increase the brightness to full where there is no PWM. I got my unit recently. What can I say, the build quality is good, the bezels are small and that is cool, and overall looks and feels like a great machine. However, I've been getting the fans on all the time, and they are loud and producing and annoying whistle sound.

Any suggestions how should I use it? Also, has anyone found out if there is cable on top of the fan producing the noise? I also tried gaming, and at the begging it was working like a charm and after 15 min I started getting the micro-stuttering. FPS would drop around 10, in rocket league. Can't believe they can release this laptop with such a glaring fault. Hopefully it will get solved soon. Last edited: Jan 9, Using my camera I can confirm the flickering is greatly reduced, and barely detectable with the camera.

Running at 3khz Might affect the long term laptop screen durability, but prefer protecting my eyes of any potential effects. So that's the end up story regarding PWM. For controlling the fan noise I installed the Notebook Fan Control. I couldn't find initially the profile, and then in the newest beta I found the profile for the UXUQ, which works for this one. After this I was able to maintain fan noise low.

I still hear a bit of a whistle, but its not bothering me as much to open the laptop and tie the cable that could be on top of the fan. I also made the power button do nothing, since I pressed it by mistake a couple of times when I tried to use de DEL key. I did get coil whine, when using the trackpad.

Doing any movement, or a bit worse when I scroll down. Its a bit annoying in complete silence, but I can live with it.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will help you to resolve the issue. I like to inform you that the laptop fan works to reduce the machine's heat. If the fan is working continuously then the issue must be occurring due to the overheating. Usually, overheating occurs due to hardware issue.

You may first check if any process is running high. Task Manager displays the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer.

ux430uq fan noise

While on the desktop, right-click on the taskbar, click on Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and check if any processes that is running high.

If none of the process is running high then I suggest you to update the graphics card driver and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue persists even after updating the driver, I suggest you to check whether the cooling fan is working fine.

You can refer to the following steps to prevent the computer from overheating. I would suggest you to check with the following steps to try and resolve overheating issues:. Try replacing them with new one. You can get it checked with professional expert. Lower energy consumption will result lower heat generation.

This always generates heat inside laptop. You may close lid only if laptop will automatically go into sleep or hibernation mode. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I have noticed others having difficulty with fan control so maybe additional information will help. Even without monitoring, Memtest86 causes that reassuring 'sounds like a vacuum cleaner' effect.Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.

The actual transfer speed of USB 3. Take more with you, in less space! Its sleek and compact inch chassis is a briefcase-friendly NanoEdge Display. When it comes to getting things done, everyone agrees that a bigger display is a better display, because it makes multitasking easier and entertainment more immersive.

To maximize your viewing comfort, the NanoEdge display also has a matte anti-glare coating that reduces annoying reflections. Elegance, sophistication and style are the hallmarks of the ZenBook series. The exquisite ZenBook UX continues that tradition, combining precision craftsmanship and premium materials to give you a laptop that stands out from the crowd. This exclusive high-tech glossy coating adds an extra touch of luxury to your ZenBook UX ZenBook UX is a inch laptop built for no-compromise performance that outshines any rivals.

Windows 10 Pro. Up to 7th-gen. Boost to. Up to. Discrete Graphics. The thinnest-ever ZenBook with discrete graphics. Whether you need ultra-smooth video playback, superb multimedia creation capabilities or impressive gaming performance, ZenBook UX is the perfect choice.

Designed for non-stop, on-the-go lifestyles, ZenBook UX offers the freedom of all-day battery life. Lithium-polymer batteries retain most of their original charge capacity even after hundreds of charge cycles — up to 3x longer than standard batteries — so you don't have to worry about deteriorating battery performance.

It also delivers data transfer speeds that are up to 10x faster than older USB 2. ZenBook UX lets you get connected faster and further with the latest dual-band We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We do not collect your personal data. Back in early Dell launched the XPS 13 version that stunned many, including myself I bought one and still use it todaywith its compact footprint and minuscule bezel around the screen. These laptops are about the same size and weight as the Zenbook UX we reviewed inyet as the name suggests, comes with a bigger inch screen, plus a slight design twist and dedicated Nvidia graphics on some versions.

As of late there are two more updated units you should consider instead, both with KabyLake-R quad-core processors:. Except for the performance section, everything else mentioned in this article applies to these newer models as well. You can follow this link for more details on how the quad-core Core U processors compare to the older dual-core modelsas well as this one for details on the performance of the Nvidia MX chip.

There are three main things you should know when it comes to the build of this laptop. The technology is explained herebut in real-life terms, this translates in a type of glossy surface that looks and feels like glass, but is not as fragile or shock-sensitive as glass. So in fewer words, this Zenbook gets a glossy and flexible lid, one that shows smudges and fingerprints easily.

Overall I feel that Asus did a good job here, finding a good balance between narrow bezels and usability. At least the hinge seems to be well built from what I can tell from a quick look at its inner mechanism, with metallic brackets attached directly onto the metallic interior, and not onto the plastic inner frame.


The palm-rest is generous enough, with the keyboard above and a large trackpad straight in the middle. More about these in a bit. Like on many other Zenbooks, the exhaust and air intake grills are placed behind the hinge, which is a solution that has worked fine in the past and works fine here as well. Last but not least we have to mention the IO on this laptop, which is decent, but could be better.

Overall, the Zenbook UX leaves me with mixed feelings. I was quite happy with the keyboard on this laptop and it really looks like Asus managed to get keyboards right on their latest Zenbooks. What has changed is the feedback though. These keys have an average stroke depth 1.

ux430uq fan noise

The keys are also quiet and backlit, with three brightness levels to choose from, so overall this keyboard is one of the better you can find on a mid-range ultraportable right now. The trackpad is fairly good as well. And while it is a Microsoft Precision trackpad made by Elan, it actually performed flawlessly.

Even the physical clicks are decent, a little stiff and noisy, but better than on many other implementations. So this little gimmick is becoming a feature I would actually love to have on my next laptop. Asus puts a The panel is made by Chi Mei and it offers solid brightness and contrast, ample viewing angles and quite accurate colors out of the box. It does have a slight blue tint and gamma distortion, but you can use our calibrated color profile to address them.

More on the technical details below. I will also add that the screen leans back to about degrees, which is enough for desk and even lap use in most cases. I would have still preferred it to go all the way back, but at least it goes further than on some other modern Zenbooks. Once you unscrew those, work your way in with a plastic pry tool or old credit cardstarting from the back. Performance wise, the Kaby Lake Core U platform can handle plenty, from all the basic daily chores to serious multitasking, heavy browsing and even more demanding programs like Photoshop, Eclipse or Premiere.Asus has done a great job with the fine looking ultrabook that carries enough power to get you through your day to day tasks without a hitch.

Of late, I found an increasing interest towards sleek and portable laptops which is the reason why I called dibs on the newly launched Asus ZenBook UX as soon as it arrived in India. There was a time when all I wanted was a powerful laptop that could satiate the hunger for games in me.

Asus UX430UN i7-8550u, 150MX GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $999 Costco.com

That phase was followed by the hunt for a laptop that was easier to carry around and could help me throughout the day without a hitch. This is when I got fascinated with ultrabooks and laptops with a smaller footprint that didn't compromise on performance. That is because when a company goes with such a form factor, it has to compromise on various different levels which ends up as a disadvantage for the said product.

Right after I unpacked the laptop and picked it up in my hands, most of us were wowed by the fact that how light and sleek this ZenBook was. Just then I knew that it would be perfect for the kind of work I did, which is typing endlessly and binge-watching occasionally. The laptop weighs just 1. The Asus ZenBook UX is crafted out of aluminium, the finish of which is so exquisite that I felt amazing holding this laptop in my hand.

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The aluminium lid features an engraved Asus logo with a concentric-circle design which gives the laptop its premium feel. If you get your hands on the Royal Blue or Rose Gold color variants, they come with a special nano-imprint lithography coating which essentially looks like glass but is glossy in look and feel.

It is also a fingerprint and smudge magnet so you might want to keep that cleaning cloth with you at all times, in case your OCD kicks in. The base of the laptop has a brushed finish which along with some information, two speaker grills something, I'm not a fan of and four rubber feet that help it maintain the grip on the table.

The ZenBook has a clean and minimalistic design which makes it elegant and captivating to look at. Thankfully, Asus provides both of them in-the-box, so brownie points for that. The left edge of the laptop has a power-in port followed by a USB 3. Asus ZenBook UX has a chassis size of inches but the company has managed to outfit it with a larger, inch Full HD x pixels panel.

The result is that the display holds a whopping 80 percent screen-to-body ratio and just 7. It is a treat to watch the display in action as the anti-glare coating on the display with matte finish dismisses the reflections entirely making it worthwhile. Watching content such as movies and shows on this laptop is a really amazing experience.

The display panel on the ZenBook has an ultra-wide sRGB color gamut of a full percent making the color representation on it pretty accurate. With this, the display is capable of reproducing a high range of vivid colors along with a more sharper, brighter, punchier and life-like pictures.

Also, because of the matte coating on the display, viewing angles on the laptop are more than decent enough but not what the company claims degrees. I would like to give it up for Asus for their choice to fit in this display. It is the perfect display to consume data on. The panel just adds to an already carefully crafted laptop and ensures it of the premium status. Current page: Introduction, price and display. Home Reviews.

ux430uq fan noise

Our Verdict Asus has done a great job with the fine looking ultrabook that carries enough power to get you through your day to day tasks without a hitch.

For Great display Slim and lightweight Premium design. Introduction, price and display Keyboard and trackpad, performance, battery life and verdict.Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. The UX is the 14 inch version of the popular 13 inch UX while being only 2. The length and depth stay the same much smaller screen bezels. Nearby Best Buy locations:. Looks like it has a bilingual keyboard according to the Best Buy reviews that's a negative for some like myselfand there are still complaints about the fan noise.

I returned the UXUA because the fan noise is way too loud and it kicks in way to early. Seems like a decent Laptop. Thank you OP. It's an alright deal to be honest. Does anyone know if you can charge it with the USB c port?

As owner of a previous generation Zenbook, I recommend the hell out of these things. I bought the uxua, it's true the fan goes on too early, but install notebook fan controller and the problem is solved. When I saw this on sale for at bb, I purchase another one for the wife. Nothing else compares with it in terms of price.

Asus ZenBook UX430U Review

The size and quality, uncomparable. I purchased the UX last weekend and think its a great machine for the price. Fast, solid construction and similar to Mac Air in looks. Very happy. I bought the uxua-ds74n for about tax in at canadacomputer 2 weeks ago.

Comes with i7 u, 16 gb ram, ssd. In my opinion its a better deal. This is a hot deal but i need the upgrades. Love the metal finishing, feels very premium! I need a new computer and I've always used a PC but I'm curious about switching to MAC I don't know though to me doesn't seem like the hassle of reprogramming myself.

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